The Hindu Vocab 8-12-19

The Hindu Vocab plays an important role in UPSC, SSC, BANK and Other State Level Government Exams in English Section. Reading and revise the Hindu Vocab on a daily basis boosts your knowledge and increases the chance of your dream job.

Hindu Vocab 8-12-19

  • Recalcitrant ( Adjective )- Having An Obstinately Uncooperative Attitude Towards Authority Or Discipline.
  • Sap (Verb) – Gradually Weaken Or Destroy (A Person’s Strength Or Power).
  • Swamp (Verb)-  Overwhelm Or Flood With Water
  • Pantheist (Noun) – A Person Who Doesn’t Believe In Orthodox Religion
  • Mercantile (Adjective) – Relating To Trade Or Commerce; Commercial.
  • Preponderate (Verb)-Be Greater In Number, Influence, Or Importance.
  • Canny (Adjective): Having Or Showing Shrewdness And Good Judgement, Especially In Money Or Business Matters
  • Exploit (Noun)- A Bold Or Daring Feat
  • Rancorous (Adjective)- Characterized By Bitterness Or Resentment.

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