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RRB NTPC 100+ Important Physics Questions & Answers 2021

RRB NTPC 100+ Important Physics Questions

RRB NTPC 2020 CBT 1 exam is starting from 28th December 2020 thus not leaving much time for the candidates to prepare well so we are giving RRB NTPC 300+ Important-General Science Questions 2021 to boost the preparations. Since the exam is approaching soon, so we would advise the aspirants to start their revision for the exam. Also, if you haven’t taken RRB NTPC free mock test by now then attempt the test today so that you get to know your weak areas and where your preparation is lacking.

While revising for RRB NTPC CBT 1 exam make sure that no topic or concept is left un-revised and a proper revision plan should be drafted and a candidate should strictly follow that. As we all know that General Science is quite an important aspect of the RRB NTPC exam, thus we are here with a free Ebook to download comprising 300+ important general science questions for RRB NTPC. This PDF is completely free to download

This Free Ebook/PDF contains:

  • 100+ Chemistry Questions & Answers
  • 100+ Physics Questions & Answers
  • 100+ Biology Questions & Answers

100+ Physics Questions & Answers

1A four-stroke petrol engine theoretically operates on _____.Otto Cycle
2A piece of wood is underwater. The upthrust on it will be ______.Less than the weight of the wood
3A sound wave has a frequency of 2 kHz and wave length 35 cm. How long will it take to travel 1.5 km?2.1 seconds
4A stone is dropped from a certain height. Its kinetic energy will be maximum at?Just before it touches the ground
5Acceleration due to gravity is minimum at?Equator
6Air has maximum proportion of which inert gas?Argon
7An electrical lamp lights for 4 hours and draws a current of 0.5 A.7200 C
8Calculate the amount of charge flowing through the lamp. At what temperature Degree & Kelvin scale are the same?Zero
9Current 3A flows for the duration of 1 minute.What is the value of charge transferred?900 Coulombs
10Decibel unit is used to measureSound intensity
11Diode Bulb was discovered by ________.Sir J. S. Fleming
12Electric current in a metal wire is due to the flow ofElectrons
13Electric Motor converts _____ energy to mechanical energy.Electrical
14Electrons in Good conductors are _______.Loosely bound
15For which of his discovery was Albert Einstein awarded the Nobel Prize?Law of the Photoelectric Effect
16How can the depth of sea be measured?Echosounding (how fast sound travels in the water)
17How does sound travel in air?Wave Compression
18How is Radioactivity measured?Disintegrations per second
19How is the electric current measured?Ammeter
20How to convert Galvanometer to Voltmeter?By connecting a high resistance in series with it
21If a person’s mass at earth is 66 kg, what will be his mass at the moon?66 kg
22If an astronaut is in space, the sky will appear to him as ______.Black At the centre of curvature
23If an object is placed at the centre of curvature, where will the image be formed?They refract twice
24If light travels from air to glass, what will happen to the refracted ray?6 cm
25If the focal length is 15 cm, and u is given as 10 cm then find the value of v?5 cm
26If the radius of curvature is 10 cm, find the focal length?It decreases
27If the temperature of a fluid is increased, then what happens to viscocity?Magnetic Field
28In a television picture tube, deflection is produced by ______.Pure Silicon
29In which substance, the resistant decreases as the temperature increases?Electric Potential
30Joule/coulomb is the unit of what?Illumination
31Lambert’s Law is related to ______.Laser
32Light beam which is highly directional is called ______.-37 to 360 °C
33Mercury thermometers can be used to measure temperature up to _____?Refraction and total internal reflection of light
34Mirage is an example of _____.Red light disperses the least
35Red light is used at traffic signals because ______.Ratio of velocity of light in a vacuum to that in a defined material
36Refractive Index is equal to what?Atom
37Rutherfold’s Model led to the discovery of ?Diffraction
38Sea shell looks golden due to _____.Polaroids
39Spectacles used for viewing 3D films have?Adhesion, light chemical attraction between two surfaces
40Static friction is due to _____?Radiation
41Sun’s heat reaches Earth by ______.Magnetic Field
42Tesla is the unit of which quantity?Gravity
43The atmospheric air is held to the earth by The green colour of Leaves is due to what?Because their cells contain chloroplasts which have the pigment chlorophyll
44The potential difference which develops between the electrode and electrolyte is called _____.Electrode Potential
45The power of concave lens is ______.Negative
46The power of electric circuit is measured with a ________.Wattmeter
47The speed of sound in air is approximately equal to _____.330 m/sec
48The twinkling of stars is due to?Because of turbulence in the atmosphere of the Earth
49Two bodies of Mass M1 & M2 have force of attraction, which is inversely proportional to what?The square of the distance between their centers
50Unit of frequency?Hertz
51What causes an object to fall?Gravity
52What colour will a red glass appear if it is heated in dark room?Green
53What does an Anemometer measure?Wind Speed
54What does the blades of a windmill possess so that they are moved by fast wind?Potential Energy
55What happens in an oxidation reaction?Electrons are lost
56What happens to the surface tension of water when detergent is added to it?It decreases
57What is an end to end connection of a resistor called?Series Circuit
58What is found in frequency modulation?Fixed Frequency
59What is the escape velocity of Moon?2.38 Km/s
60What is the formula for Time Period?1/Frequency
61What is the minimum distance for echo to be heard?343 m
62What is the reason for stars not visible in the sky in the daytime?Glare of sunlight
63What is the SI unit of Current?Ampere
64What is the SI unit of frequency of sound?Hertz
65What is the SI unit of Power?Watt
66What is the SI unit of Pressure?Pascal (Pa)
67What is the SI unit of Weight?Newton
68What is the SI unit of Young’s modulus of elasticity?Pascal
69What is the symbol of wavelength?Lambda” (λ)
70What is the unit of impulse?Newton-second
71What is the unit of work?Joule
72What is the work done if there is a charge of 2 coloumb and there is a potential difference of 12 volt?24 joule
73What Principle is used to design ships and submarines?Archimedes Principle
74What will be the attraction force (F) between 2 masses if the mass gets doubled?Force of gravity between them will be quadrupled
75What will be the effect on kinetic energy if any metal is heated?It increases
76What will be the frequency of a wave if the time is 0.2 second?5 Hz
77What’s the Escape Velocity on Earth?25,000 miles per hour
78What’s the property which is there in light waves but not in sound waves?Polarisation
79What’s the SI Unit of Work?joule
80What’s the unit of wave velocity?meters per second
81What’s the difference between centrifugal force & centripetal force?Direction
82What’s the distance between pole & focus called?Focal Length
83What’s the lens formula?1/v – 1/u = 1/f
84What’s the purpose of Hydrometer?It’s used to measure the specific gravity (or relative density) of liquids
85What’s the SI unit of specific heat?joule per kilogram Kelvin
86What’s the SI unit of velocity?meter per second
87What’s the unit of wavelength?Angstrom (Å)
88What’s the use of ECG?Records the electrical activity of your heart at rest
89When three resistors each having resistance, ‘r’ are connected in parallel, their resultant resistance is x. If these three resistances are connected in a series, the total resistance will be _______.9x
90Which current is measured by Ammeter?Electric Current
91Which instrument is used to measure altitudes in aircrafts?Altimeter
92Which instrument is used to measure depth of ocean ?Fathometer
93Which law describes the relationship between the angles of incidence and refraction?Snell’s Law
94Which law states that a body continues to maintain its state of rest or of uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force?Newton’s First Law
95Which layer of the earth’s atmosphere reflect the radio waves to the earth’s surface?Ionosphere
96Which lens can correct Astigmatism?Cylindrical Lenses
97Which lens is present in the human eye?Convex Lens
98Which was the first Super Computer of the world?CDC 6600
99Who invented the Electroscope?William Gilbert
100Blades of a windmill possess which energy?Potential Energy
101Name the device that is used to break/complete an electronic circuit?Switch
102Acceleration acts always in the direction of?Net force

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