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National Monuments of Major Countries

Monuments of the country mean a building that has a historic background or it increases the beauty of the country. With the point of view of government exams, these Monuments plays a vital role. Sometimes examiner asks about the questions related to the National Monuments of the major countries. Below are Some important Monuments you can read about and score well in exams.

1. Name – Leaning Tower

Place – Pisa

Country – Italy

2. Name – Great Wall of China

Place – North China

Country – China

3. Name – Taj Mahal

Place – Agra

Country – India

4. Name – Imperial Palace

Place – Tokyo

Country – Japan

5. Name – Opera House

Place – Sydney

Country – Australia

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6. Name – Parthenon

Place – Athens

Country – Greece

7. Name – Pyramid

Place – Giza

Country – Egypt

Pyramid caravan

8. Name- Statue of Liberty

Place – New York

Country – U.S.A

9. Name – Wind Mill

Place – kinderdijk

Country – Denmark

10. Name – Eiffel Tower

Place – Paris

Country – France

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