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History of Rajasthan – Important Questions

Rajasthan History –

We are providing you important questions related to the general knowledge of Rajasthan History. All these questions will prove to be a panacea for all the upcoming competitive examinations of the Government of Rajasthan. All these questions can ensure your success in the Rajasthan State teacher recruitment, R.K. Tate, RAS / RTS, RSRTC LDC, RSRTC Driver-Operator, AEN, LDC, Rajasthan Police Constable, Police Inspection, Prison Guard, Forest Guard, Agricultural Officer, Agriculture Supervisor, Village Servant, Patwari, B.Ed., BSTC, Lab Technician, Stenographer, Accountant, etc.  recruitment examinations. So come, let’s write the useful notes of Rajasthan History GK now.

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History of Rajasthan – Important Questions

  1. ‘Gandhi of Bangar’ hailed from which district? – Dungarpur
  2. When and who first used the name ‘Rajputana’? – 1800 AD, George Thomas
  3. How many districts were there in Rajasthan on 1 November 1956? – 26
  4. In 1207 AD, which turtle ruler defeated the Meenas and made Amer the capital? – Kokil Dev
  5. Who built Jain temples in Ranakpur during the era of Maharana Kumbha in 1439 AD? – Jain superiority rice
  6. In 1572-73 AD, whom did Akbar render Jodhpur? – Moutaraja Uday Singh
  7. On 17 March 1527, the Khanwa (Bharatpur) war broke out between – Maharana Sanga and Babar
  8. Matsya Union was inaugurated on 18 March 1948? – Alwar
  9. In 1817, which princely state of Rajasthan became the first victim of the dependent policy of Lord Hastings? – Karauli
  10. Who defeated the combined forces of British and Jodhpur state in the revolution of 1857? – Thakur Kushal Singh
  11. At the time of the Revolt of 1857, who was the political agent of Kota State? – Major Burton
  12. Where did the freedom struggle of 1857 originate in Rajputana? – Nasirabad
  13. He was related to the Child Marriage Prevention Sharda Act in 1929? – Harvilas Sharda
  14. Who was the first Prime Minister of large Rajasthan established on March 30, 1949? – Hiralal Shastri
  15. Ajmer merged into Rajasthan? – 1956 AD
  16. Who founded Ajmer? – Ajaypal
  17. Ajmer-Merwara merged into Rajasthan? – 1 November 1956
  18. Who founded the city of Alwar? – Rao Pratapsingh
  19. Alauddin Khilji’s victories are in chronological order? – Ranthambore, Chittor, Sewana and Jalore
  20. When was Alauddin Khilji attacked Chittor? – 1303 AD
  21. From which district are the remains of Ahad ancient civilization found? – Udaipur
  22. Where are the remains of Ahad culture found? – Udaipur
  23. Ahad civilization is located in which district? – Udaipur
  24. Who has historian Gaurishankar Hirachand Ojha told the origin of Rajputs? – From Kshatriyas
  25. Umrao was the prince of which princely state? – Mewar
  26. The historical site Mangarh is in which district of Rajasthan? – Banswara
  27. Aurangzeb defeated Jaswant Singh, the ruler of Jodhpur, the Buddha of Dharmat in 1658 AD. In which state is Dharmat located? – Madhya Pradesh
  28. Kalibanga civilization developed? – On the banks of Saraswati-Drishdwati in Hanumangarh
  29. Who is credited with the discovery of Kalibanga civilization? – Amlanand Ghosh
  30. Kalibai was a Bhil resident? – Rastapal (Dungarpur)
  31. In how many steps did Sirohi merge with Rajasthan? – Two
  32. Select any two Rajput rulers who supported the Mughals? – Mansingh and Raisingh
  33. Which historian called Kalibanga the ‘third’ capital of the Indus Valley Empire? – Dayaram Sahni
  34. In order to conquer which fort, Akbar faced strong resistance from Jaimal and Fatta? – Chittor
  35. Which revolutionary was sentenced to 20 years in Central Jail? – Kesari Singh Twelve
  36. In Ganeshwar, on the banks of which river, remains of the Tamraugian civilization have been found? – Kantali
  37. Which king is known by the titles of Abhinav Bharathacharya, Hindu Sartana, Chhap Guru, Rai Rayan and Dan Guru? – Rana Kumbha
  38. Which queen had her head cut off and sent to her husband? – Hadi Rani (Sahal Kanwar)
  39. Which city was made the capital of United Rajasthan? – Udaipur
  40. During which ruler, Jaipur was painted pink? – Ramsingh II
  41. Which place is called ‘Jallianwala Bagh’ of Bangar? – Mangadh
  42. Who significantly contributed to the merger of Mount Abu in Rajasthan? – Gokul Bhai Bhatt
  43. Who exhibited Rajasthan’s ‘Bahurupiya Kala’ abroad? – Janaki Lal
  44. Who was popular as Kika? – Maharana Pratap
  45. Was the founder of Kota State Prajamandal? – Nayanuram Sharma
  46. Who was the founder of Tonk Muslim principality? – Amir Khan Pindari
  47. Who was the founder of Bhagat Panth? – Guru Govind Giri
  48. Which Chinese traveler traveled to Bhinmal? – Hiuen Tsang
  49. Which land revenue system is related to King Todarmal? – Share
  50. Gillund is situated on the bank of which river? – Banas
  51. In which city are the remains of the old city of Tamratravati (Dhulkot) associated with the civilization of Tamrayug found? – Udaipur
  52. The place in Dausa district which is famous because of the fighting between the Rajputs and the Marathas? – Tunga
  53. The war of Dharmat was fought between which two rulers? – Jaywant Singh and Aurangzeb
  54. In the context of which peasant movement is Neemuchanm remembered? – Alwar farmer movement
  55. Who was Pannadhaya’s life saved? – Uday Singh
  56. The earliest evidence of animal husbandry has been found from which civilization? – Bagore
  57. In which districts are the Pura excavation sites ‘Bagore’ and ‘Nadol’ respectively? – Bhilwara and Pali
  58. Who was the mother of Prithviraj Chauhan? – Kapuri Devi
  59. Contemporary Chandel ruler of Prithviraj Chauhan III was? – Parmadi Dev
  60. How many wars were fought between Prithviraj III and Muhammad Gauri? – 2
  61. Prithviraj III was related to which Chauhan dynasty? – Shakambhari
  62. The Pratihara ruler who first made Jalore his capital was? – Nagabhatta 
  63. The first Khilji Sultan who attacked the Ranthambhor fort was – Jalaluddin
  64. In which princely state was the first establishment established? – Jaipur
  65. Name the oldest urban civilization of Rajasthan located on the banks of the ancient Saraswati river? – Kalibanga
  66. What is the name given to Rajasthan state in Basantgarh inscription? – Rajasthaniyaditya
  67. In which district is the center of Bagore civilization? – Bhilwara
  68. Who founded the state of Bikaner? – Rao Bika
  69. The hill at Bairath, where the remains of the Buddhist Vihara have been found, is known as? – Beej Hill
  70. From where are the remains of Buddhist culture found? – Bairath
  71. To welcome which member of the British Empire, the city of Jaipur was painted pink in 187? – Prince Albert
  72. Bhagat movement is related? – from Govind Giri
  73. About 40 years before the independence of India, the objectives of the Vardhman Vidyalaya Jaipur were established and its objectives? – Making Arjunlal Sethi and revolutionary youth
  74. Matsya was the capital of the district. – Viratnagar
  75. First prince of Matsya Union became the ruler of which state? – Dhaulpur
  76. Who was the Prime Minister of Matsya Union? – Shobharam Kumawat
  77. During the Mahabharata period, Pandavas spent their unknown residence in Viratnagar. It was the capital of which Mahajanapada? – Fish
  78. Maharana Pratap’s birthplace is? – Kumbhalgarh
  79. What was the name of Maharana Pratap’s Muslim commander? – Hakim Khan Suri
  80. How many times did Akbar send Shahbaz Khan to attack Mewar during Maharana Pratap? – Three times
  81. Which place was made the capital of Mewar by Maharana Pratap in 1585? – Chawand
  82. Mand is the ancient name of which region? – Jaisalmer
  83. Which ruler of Marwar accepted Akbar’s subjection? – Fat Raja Uday Singh
  84. The battle between Maldev and Sher Shah was fought at which place? – match
  85. Built in memory of victory over Mahmud Khilji, ruler of Malwa? – Victory Pillar
  86. Muhnot Nainasi was the minister of which king? – Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur
  87. Which Maharana of Mewar had a treaty with the Mughals? – Amar Singh
  88. During which time Mewar-Mughal treaty was signed? – Maharana Amarsingh (in 1615)
  89. Name of the ruler of Mewar under whose reign Rajasamudra was built? – Maharana Raj Singh
  90. Aki movement was started by Motilal Tejawat? – from Chittorgarh
  91. In which princely state of Rajputana was the Azad Front established? – Jaipur
  92. The princely states of Rajputana signed a treaty with the East India Company in 1817-18 AD in this order? – Karauli, Kota, Jodhpur, Udaipur
  93. Which state of Rajputana first accepted the subjection of Akbar? –Amer
  94. In which district is the famous place known as ‘Jallianwala Bagh’ of Rajasthan ‘Mangarh Dham’? – Banswara
  95. In which district is the famous Harappan archaeological site Kalibanga located in Rajasthan? – Hanumangarh
  96. Who is called Bhishma of Rajasthan? – Kunwar Chunda
  97. Maharana Pratap died? – 1597
  98. The ruler of which state of Rajasthan was called Maharawal? – Dungarpur
  99. In which state of Rajasthan was the Azad Front formed in 1942? – Jaipur
  100. Who was the first woman from Rajasthan to be arrested during the independence movement of Rajasthan? – Anjanadevi Chaudhary
  101. When is Rajasthan Day celebrated? – 30 March
  102. Where did the 1857 uprising first begin in Rajasthan? – Nasirabad
  103. Was the capital of Harishchandra, the founder of the Pratihara dynasty in Rajasthan? – Mandor
  104. Matsya Union was merged in Rajasthan? – March 18, 1948
  105. Where was the Rajasthan Seva Sangh established in Rajasthan? – Ajmer
  106. The Rajasthan Seva Sangh was founded by – Vijay Singh Pathik
  107. In which year was the Rajasthan Seva Sangh established? – 1919 AD
  108. Was the founder of Rajasthan Seva Sangh? – Vijay Singh Pathik, Ramnarayan Chaudhary and Haribhai Kinkar
  109. In which district is Kalibanga, the famous site of Rajasthan Harappan civilization located? – Hanumangarh
  110. Rana Poonja was the commander of which king? – Rana Pratap
  111. Rana Raj Singh (Mewar) was contemporary? – Aurangzeb
  112. Haldighati is located from which district? – Rajsamand
  113. In which war Rana Sanga defeated Ibrahim Lodi and took control of the Bundi kingdom? – Khatoli
  114. Rani Padmini was the wife of which ruler? – Rana Ratan Singh
  115. Which was the state that never entered into a pact with the Maharana Pratap of Mewar against the Mughals? – Jodhpur
  116. The scholar who is against the principle of Brahmin origin of Guhilas? – Gaurishankar Hirachand Ojha
  117. Who is Gandhi of Vagad? – Bhogilal Pandya
  118. Viratnagar was the capital of which district? – Fish
  119. In which district is the Viratnagar / Bairath civilization located? – Jaipur
  120. Was the Rajput dynasty arising around Shakambhari? – Chahman (Chauhan)
  121. Was the founder of Samp Sabha? – Govind Guru
  122. Among the rulers Sawai Jai Singh, Maharana Sanga, Rao Maldev and Rao Chandrasen, Ashwamedha was the one who performed the yajna? – Sawai Jai Singh
  123. Sagarmal Gopa is related to which state? – Jaisalmer
  124. Sadhu Sitaram Das was related to which agrarian movement? – Bijaulia
  125. From where the remains of Indus Valley Civilization were found in Rajasthan? – Kalibanga (Hanumangarh)
  126. Sisodia was the founder of the dynasty? – Rana Hammir
  127. Was there princely states in Rajasthan at the time of independence? – 19
  128. In which state did freedom fighter Savitri Devi Bhati belong? – Jodhpur
  129. When was the battle of Haldighati fought? – In 1576 AD
  130. Maharana Pratap made his capital after the Haldighati war? – Chawand
  131. At which site in Rajasthan have the oldest evidence of plowed fields been obtained? – Kalibanga
  132. Between whom did the mudra rad go? – Nagaur and Bikaner
  133. At which place are the statues of the most mythological deities found? – Temple of Osian
  134. What does the word Kalibanga mean? – Black BanglesWho murdered Maharana Kumbha in 1468 AD? – e.g. (Uday Singh I)
  135. Jahangir allowed the ruler of which state to appear in the Mughal court? – Mewar
  136. Which was the last princely state of Rajputana to make treaties with the British? – Sirohi
  137. 1857 rebellion started in Rajasthan? – From Nasirabad (May 28, 1857)
  138. Why is Bagaur famous? – Archaeological Site
  139. The revolutionary leader who was burnt alive in jail? – Sagarmal Gopa
  140. Was a member of the Constituent Assembly from Ajmer-Merwara? – Mukutbihari Bhargava
  141. Who founded the Dungarpur Prajamandal? – Bhogilal Pandya

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