Current Affairs 24-12-19

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1. Recently which country has declared an emergency after Galapagos fuel spill?

Answer- Ecuador

Important Points-

  • Ecuador activated emergency protocols to contain the environmental impact of a fuel spill in the Galapagos Islands after a barge carrying 600 gallons of diesel fuel sank
  • The Galapagos archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, id home to one of the most fragile ecosystems on the planet

2. National Farmers Day observed every year on ___________?

Answer- 23 December

Important Points-

  • 23 December is celebrated as “Kisan Diwas” or “National Farmers Day” every Year
  • The day honors Chaudhary Charan Singh, the 5th Prime Minister of India who was born this day

3. Integral Coach Factory produces 3000 coaches in record 215 days. ICF is located in ___________?

Answer- Chennai

Important Points-

  • Integral Coach Factory (ICF) of Indian Railways. Chennai has produced its 3000th coach of the year in less than nine months.
  • Integral Coach Factory is a manufacturer of rail coaches located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu , India

4. Recently “Chilai-kalan” begins in Jammu and Kashmir. Chilai-kalan is an _____________?

Answer- Harsh Winter Period

Important Points-

  • The 40-day harshest winter period in Kashmir, Known in the local parlance as Chillai-Kalan, begins with the upper reaches of the valley receiving snowfall.
  • These 40 days are when the chances of snowfall are the highest and the maximum temperature drops considerably

5. In December, a unique “Oxygen Parlour” to combat air pollution has been inaugurated at Which railway Station?

Answer- Nashik

Important Points-

  • In a Unique initiative to battle rising air pollution in Cities, an “Oxygen Parlour” has been opened at Nashik Railway Station to provide an experience of breathing clean air to the commuters.
  • The initiative comes with the effort of Airo Guard in collaborations with the Indian Railways.


6. Which country will host an African Football Super Cup Until 2022?

Answer- Qatar

Important Points-

  • Qatar Football Association has signed an agreement with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) stipulating that Doha will host the African Super Cup for the next three years.

7. Which Indian state has topped the charts in organizing the “Fit India School Week”

Answer-Andhra Pradesh

Important Points-

  • Andhra Pradesh has topped the charts in organizing the Fit India Week as 13,839 schools took part in the state
  • Karnataka and Utter Pradesh took the second and third place with 1,967 and 1,504schools respectively

8. Who has released the book “Turbulence and Triumph — The Modi Years”?

Answer- M Venkaiah Naidu

Important Points-

  • The Vice President of India Shri Mvenkaiah Naidu released the book “Turbulence and Triumph — The Modi Years”.
  • The book is jointly authored by Rahul Aggarwal and Bharathi S Pardhan

9. Maisnam Meiraba Luwang is associated with which sports?

Answer- Badminton

Important Points-

  • India’s shuttler Maisnam Meiraba Luwang has won the Men’s single Bangladesh Junior international Badminton series 2019 in Dhaka
  • Top-Seeded Meiraba, Who Hails from Manipur, beat Ken Yong Ong 21,14,21-18 in the final

10. Recently R Nagaswamy was honoured at the silver jubilee International Conference of Arts in Dhaka . He is an ____________?

Answer- Archeologist

Important Points-

Noted Archeologist R Nagaswamy was honoured at the Silver Jubilee International Conference of Arts in Dhaka By Bangladesh Culture Minister KM Khalid for his contribution to Art, Archaeology , History, and Culture


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